Berman's Pediatric Decision Making

Expert Consult - Online and Print, 5th Edition

Berman's Pediatric Decision Making - obrázek není k dispozici

Lalit Bajaj, Simon Hambidge, Ann-christine Nyquist, Gwendolyn Kerby

nakl.: Elsevier, 5. vyd., 2011
808 str., váz., 216x273 mm
jazyk: anglicky
ISBN-13: 978-0-323-05405-8

"Berman's Pediatric Decision Making" uses an algorithmic, structured approach to lead you to the right diagnosis and treatment every time. Drs. Lalit Baja, Simon Hambidge, Ann-Christine Nyquist, and Gwendolyn Kerby use evidence-based research and flow charts for each presenting complaint or specific disorder to provide quick access to the information you need for effective decision making. With updated drug tables, revised algorithms, and full-text online access at our associated website, this streamlined new edition makes it even easier for you to diagnose and manage common clinical problems from infancy through adolescence.

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