Netter's Infectious Diseases: Print Version Only

Netter Clinical Science

Netter's Infectious Diseases: Print Version Only - obrázek není k dispozici

Elaine C. Jong, Dennis L. Stevens

nakl.: Elsevier, 1. vyd., 2011
624 str., váz., 224x279 mm
jazyk: anglicky
ISBN-13: 978-1-4377-0126-5

"Netter's Infectious Diseases" provides a comprehensive yet concise overview of current global infectious disease concerns. Elaine Jong and Dennis Stevens, and panel of expert contributors cover the basics of the field using beautiful Netter illustrations and accessible 'need to know' information on major conditions and problems-including vaccine-preventable diseases, drug-resistant Staph and TB infections, pandemic flu, echinococcosis, and Chagas' disease. It's a great tool for quick review or for sharing with patients and staff.

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