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Gross Anatomy and Structure of the Human Nervous System

Gross Anatomy and Structure of the Human Nervous System

Skripta LFMU
MU Brno, 3. vydání, 2012

During the third semester the study of anatomy in the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno i focused to adequate understanding of the gross anatomy and elemental structure of the nervous systém. The description of basic parts of the CNS is imortant not only for the orientation but also for understanding of their functions. Students will be acquired step by step with gross anatomy and basic structural organization of idndividual parts of the CNS from the lowest level, the spinal cord,to the highest level represented by the cortex of telencephalon. Functional conectios of individual structures from different parts of the CNS will be interpreted together with neurephysiological explanation during the 4th semester in the lectures of neuroscience.
This textbook is written for foreigner students to provide them a first knowledge on an extensive and very complicated organization of the human nevous systém. Many excellent and comprehensive Englisch written textbooks of neuroanathomy are available to advanced students. However,no these textbooks correspond in content and scope of individual chapter to our conecption and the syllabus. Therfore, the present text is compiled as a basic guidance in the interesting and fascinating field of hte neuroanatomy.

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