Histology: A Text and Atlas

Histology: A Text and Atlas

With Correlated Cell and Molecular Biology
Wolters Kluwer, 8. vydání, international student ed., 2018

Combining a reader-friendly textbook and a rich, full-color atlas, this bestselling resource equips medical, dental, health professions, and undergraduate biology and cell biology students with a comprehensive grasp of the clinical and functional correlates of histology and a vivid understanding of the structural and functional details of cells, tissues, and organs.
Updated content throughout the text reflects the latest advances in cellular and molecular biology, accompanied by large, high-resolution illustrations and full-color photomicrographs that clarify microanatomy in vibrant detail. Ideal for integrated curriculums as well as standalone histology courses, this proven approach is accompanied by popular pedagogical features that distill complex information and help students save time.

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